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Employers use Google, Facebook, and MySpace to conduct informal and unofficial background checks on job applicants.  But what about the employer’s online reputation?  Learn how to monitor your online reputation, as well as your business’ reputation using Google’s free tool, Google Alerts.



This is the second video in our new video series, “Making the Most of the Blogosphere.”  The first video, called “What Is a Feed Reader?  And why do I care?”, is an overview of an absolutely necessary tool for anyone interested in getting the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to surfing the blogosphere. 

In this video, “Get Your Google On: iGoogle,” you’ll learn why an iGoogle account is your key to the internet and how to set up an account for yourself. 

In Video 3, we’ll put that new account to good work with Google Alerts.  Once you are an official, card-carrying iGoogle member, the first thing you’ll want to do is set up some Google Alerts so you can keep an on the web, even when you’re not online.  Think of Google Alerts as your own personal internet assistant.

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