What To Do If Your CEO Is A Ninja

   comic book martial artist

This is a question that executives at Apple are probably asking themselves right now as the   result of an unfortunate confluence of events. Apparently, it all started when Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, visited Japan over the summer. During the same time, an individual was stopped at the airport, attempting to carry  Japanese throwing stars  onto a private plane. A Japanese tabloid put two and two together, and now Apple is in the position of having to deny that its CEO has clandestine job aspirations.

The story has spread so far over the internet that a Taiwanese company has created a “reenactment” of Jobs being stopped by airport security. The fictional Jobs then morphs into a ninja, and attacks airport security.

While Apple’s predicament is more humorous than harmful, it is a reminder of the damage that can be done via bad press on the internet. This is another great reason to have a social media policy in place that asks employees to report negative information they find on the web! And a really good social media policy may have the added benefit of ferreting out the secret ninjas in your workforce.


2 responses to “What To Do If Your CEO Is A Ninja”

  1. Wesley Hanna says:

    I suppose by “ferreting out the ninjas within your workplace” you mean monitoring the off-the-clock activities of your workers and taking action when you disprove. 21st century work life is starting to sound a lot like those patriarchal 18th and 19th century mills you read about in history class where “spinsters” were lorded over by their bosses to keep them well behaved and they ended up with broken lives in the process.

  2. Monica says:

    I don’t think that YCS&T would advocate “lording” bosses or Serfdom. What this article does caution we employers to do is realize that persons who are associated with the company carry the reputation of that company. Right, wrong, or indifferent; the company should be concerned about their reputation and who represents them. Obviously, the situation with Steve Jobs isn’t something that will cause Apple to implode, but a significant incident for any employer could do them in!

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