Dec 7: CLE on Ethical Issues In Social Media

Who:  Molly DiBianca

What:  Understanding the Impact of Social Networking on You and Your Clients

When: 1:30 pm to 2:30 p.m. Multiple dates, including April 27 (Mechanicsburg, PA), April 29 (Philadelphia, PA), and August 30 (Pittsburgh)

Where: Mechanicsburg, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, hosted by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute

Registration: PBI website  Flyer (pdf)

This course addresses the impact of social networking on businesses. Regardless of their specific practice area, attorneys should be aware of the risks of social media faced by clients. Specifically, the variety of employment issues, including the use of SNS for pre-employment screening, potential harassment and discrimination claims that can result from employees’ use of these sites, as well as the risks to trade secrets and confidential company information. There are also intellectual-property issues that are linked to the increasing popularity of the sites. For example, there are potential infringement and ownership issues that can occur when employees generate content on behalf of their organization for its use online, as well as the potential for defamation claims and improper disclosures of private information. This session reviews these issues and provides best-practices examples to avoid risks whenever possible.

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