May 5-7: Corporate Communications Conference

Who:  Molly DiBianca

What:   Speaking on social media at Ragan Communication, Inc.’s Corporate Communications Conference

Where:  Hosted by General Motors at Marriott Detroit Renaissance Center

When:  May 5-7, 2010.  Molly will be presenting on May 6

Cost:  Members $945  Non-members $1195


Overview:  The Legal Limits of Monitoring Employees’ Tweets, Posts, and Other Social Media Activities

As social media become the communication tools of choice, employees’ online activities become an increasing source of potential liability for employers. The need to minimize legal risk has led many employers to monitor the Internet for dangerous, defamatory or downright rude postings by their employees. The law recognizes that the Internet is a public forum, but this freedom to browse is not without limits.

  • Use the best monitoring techniques from the successes (and blunders) of employers who have required employees to disclose social media habits
  • Avoid monitoring techniques that will most likely land you in court
  • Watch for red flags when monitoring employee Twitter, blogging and Facebook activities
  • Communicate your monitoring policy to employees to generate the least amount of backlash
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