If You Don’t Ask for Feedback, How Do You Know How You’re Doing?

Ahh, feedback.  It’s a tricky pill to swallow, isn’t it? When performance-review time comes around and you’re making a list of all of the areas in which you want your employees to improve, maybe you should ask yourself a few questions first. Have you really done everything that you can to address problems as they arise? Or have you waited until formal reviews to bring up those little problems that have become bigger problems?


The best leaders know that regular feedback is essential to an effective working relationship.

If you are looking for a creative way to get and receive feedback, there’s a website for you.  BetterMe gives users a way to give “private, anonymous feedback.”  You can give feedback to anyone–even if they’re not registered with the site.  You can also ask for feedback from others.  Good idea?  Well, an interesting one, indeed.


One response to “If You Don’t Ask for Feedback, How Do You Know How You’re Doing?”

  1. Phil Neujahr says:

    Thanks for the link. I would agree that feedback can be a tough thing to receive, but life is so much better when you’re willing to listen. I appreciate you letting me know about this.

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