Dec. 10: Social Media Policies (Audio Conference)

I’ll be presenting a new HR Hero audio conference, HR’s Response to Social Media: Policies for Twitter, Facebook, and Other Popular Sites, on December 10, 2009. 

I’ll discuss how to create a policy that will help you legally monitor employee online activity and protect your organization from legal risks associated with Web 2.0 in the workplace.

Specifically, we’ll talk about:

  • When social media can go terribly wrong — and why a social medial policy is needed for every workplace

  • The specific legal risks of having Facebook, Twitter, and other online tools available at work

  • Seven issues that your Web 2.0 policy should address, including how to safeguard your organization’s intellectual property and other sensitive company data

  • The 24/7 world: Why you may want to govern employee use of social media during working and non-working time.

  • How to craft a policy that treats employees like adults and conveys your organization’s trust in its workforce

  • Policy tips on providing employee guidance for using social media to communicate with those outside your organization

  • How to communicate and educate your workforce on your new social media policy


    You can register on the HR Hero website.


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