Singing at Work: I’ll Do It! I swear I will!

I can’t sing a lick. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. I love music. All kinds of music. Some of the concerts I saw in 2009 includes musicians as diverse as Fleetwood Mac, Jay-Z, and The Police. And don’t forget Broadway. I’m a sucker for a musical any day of the week. So, despite my total inability to carry a tune, I can turn pretty much anything into a song at the drop of a hat. My husband just loves it when I belt out Don’t Forget to Buy Stamps Today, which is set to the music of A Day In The Life by The Beatles.

And I’ve often thought how invigoratingĀ  it would be if, every workday, at around 3 p.m., we could blast music through our office intercom system. Some examples of appropriate songs might include Pump Up the Jam by Salt ‘n Peppa, Queen’s classic, We Are the Champions, or Eye of the Tiger by Survivor (made famous in the movie Rocky III). In fact, I’m such a believer in the power of song to lighten up the mood and rally the troops, I’ve even championed the idea of replacing all workplace speech with song. Just think of how much better the day would be if your department performed a rendition of We Go Together from the musical, Grease, at the conclusion of a weekly team meeting!

John Phillips, blogger extraordinaire at The Word on Employment Law, found a video demonstrating this idea in action. The employee in the video, admittedly, is a little annoying-but only because the rest of his office mates just don’t seem to appreciate the value of setting words to music. Maybe they should just lighten up!

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