If Only a New Backpack Would Do It

My 5-year old was expressing a bit of trepidation about starting kindergarten this fall. In preschool, the students decorated their own “totes,” which they were then required to use for transporting their belongings to and from school.

In preparation for her start in kindergarten this fall, together we selected a brand new backpack with matching lunchbox from L.L. Bean.  Original Junior Original Book Pack, Blue Flower-Patch Print, monogrammed, for those who must know. Employee Engagement and Motivation

All of the sudden, her tune changed. She insisted on sporting the new backpack to camp, even though I’d foolishly thought we could “save it” for school in September. She pronounced that no longer would she look like a 4-year old with her lame “tote bag.” She’d instead look like the mature 5-year-old, almost-kindergartner that she was.

If only this was all it took to reinvigorate employees and make them excited about the workplace. So what does it take, and are efforts by the employer in this regard still necessary and relevant in the current economy? The answer is: not as much as you may think, and YES. My colleague, Molly DiBianca, has written and presented much in this area. As we get ready to start a new school year, and students get a “fresh start” – now is a good time to review your workplace policies and see what you can do to get your employees excited, too.

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