Facebook Continues to Mature, And So Do Its Users

Facebook’s popularity is spreading to an older audience. According to a new study, the largest group of Facebook users are now 35-54, accounting for 28% of all U.S. users.  24-32 year users follow closely behind, representing 25.2% of users.  facebook logowithreflection

More interesting is how quickly older users have taken interest in Facebook.  The surge in interest has been rapid.  Since January, new users in the 35-54 age group joined in on the Facebook trend, increasing 190%.  More astounding was the growth in new users age 55+–that population grew 590%!!  By contrast, the youngest group (18-24), increased only by 4.8% since January. 

Also interesting was the decrease in the 18-24 group’s overall Facebook presence.  They now account for only 25.1% of users, which is a decrease of 40.8%  since January.

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