Aug. 4: Caregiver Discrimination for Employers

In April, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued new guidance for employers on avoiding Family Responsibility Discrimination. FRD is defined as discrimination in which male or female workers are fired, demoted, not promoted, denied employment benefits, or harassed because of their caregiving responsibilities for a child, partner, or elderly relative. The EEOC recommends work-life balance programs, flexible work arrangements, flexible sick leave policies, and part-time job opportunities to prevent discrimination lawsuits from caregiver employees.

Adria B. Martinelli and Molly DiBianca, Esq. will present an important audio conference on this subject on August 4, in which we’ll teach employers how to use work-life balance programs to prevent costly litigation and how to create a workplace free from caregiver discrimination by participating in the all-new HR Hero audio conference, When Employees Are Also Caregivers: Legal Advice and EEOC Guidance for Employers.

In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn:

  • How flextime schedules, flexible week opportunities, telecommuting, and other programs can protect your organization against caregiver discrimination claims — and actually boost productivity and the bottom line
  • The EEOC’s best practice advice for launching and managing flexible work arrangements
  • Your legal obligations regarding employees with caregiving responsibilities under the EEOC guidance, arising from Title VII, the FMLA, and ADA, among others
  • EEOC guidance on training your managers to recognize caregiver discrimination at work
  • The types of workplace conduct that could invite caregiver discrimination claims
  • Hands-on advice for structuring policies that can protect your organization from caregiver discrimination
  • An overview the responsibilities faced by an employee who is also a caregiver, and how employers can accommodate these needs while eliminating legal risks

To register for the audio conference,visit the registration page on

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  1. Glad to see informational sessions like these are happening. It’s a reflection of their need in the marketplace. The baby boomer wave is at our door.

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