Unemployment Olympics

Employers who’ve laid off workers are looking for a (sort-of) constructive activity to keep your  former employees out of trouble. Tompkins Square Park in New York City will host the officespacefaxsceen Unemployment Olympics tomorrow, Tuesday March 30.

The Olympiad of the down-and-out at Tompkins Square Park will feature events including the Fax Machine Toss, Pin the Blame on the Bosses and a Pinata bashing. Nick Goddard, 26, came up with the idea when he lost his position last month, and he got a permit to stage the Olympiad at the ballfields at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. “Maybe it will lift everyone’s spirits a little,” Goddard said about his positive spin on unemployment. “Originally, my thought was just to make people laugh.”

Participants must prove they lost a job to compete. Bars and restaurants have donated prizes.
Not sure bars and unemployment are necessarily a positive combination, but kudos to Mr. Goddard for his creativity.

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