100 Free Sites for Learning about Business

Free tutorials on basic business principles abound, thanks to the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies.  Jane Hart has posted an incredible list of links to 100+ Free Sites for Learning about Business.  She describes the list as:

[A]n alphabetical list of websites for learning about all aspects of business – strategy, management, leadership, marketing, finance, accounting, economics, as well as business skills.

It includes a range of sites suitable for both business studies education, workplace learning, and for educators, learners and managers alike.

The sites include both formal and informal learning resources – games, podcasts, blogs, videos, books, PDFs, as well as online courses, communities and other general resources.

The blog is based in the U.K. but the links aren’t country-specific and include a tremendous variety of great resources for employers.

And, in case you didn’t know, Delaware Employment Law Blog has tons of free resources, too.  You can check them out on the Internet Links resources page, or watch some of the helpful videos we’ve posted, or any of the posts that discuss new resources for employers.

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