The Office Chair Lament

I need a new office chair. Actually, what I need is a real office chair.  One that does not increase my desire to run to the door and flee the building at 5 p.m. anymore than the normal office-bound employee.  I discussed this crisis (a/k/a “the office-chair lament”), shortly after the start of 2009 in, Wellness Resolution: The Quest for the Perfect Ergonomic Office Chair.  

Leadership blog, What Would Dad Say, adds to the topic with a positively hilarious post called, Is a Nice Chair Too Much to Ask For?.  In the post the author laments the fact that he never invested in an upgraded office chair.  The funny part, at least to me, are the 5 suggestions offered for the inventive types out there.  Here are the 5 ways in which modern office chairs can be improved, according to WWDS:image


1. Heat. Some offices are cold so why not a heated chair, like my car? If they can make it even a bit hotter where my lower back hits the chair, score!

2. IPod connections. Let’s get hooked up properly, without the cords running across the desk. Are hidden speakers too much to ask for?

3. The Wii Fit idea. When you step on the Wii Fit board, the little lady says “Ohhh.” This really means “Lard-Ass” but it is a cute reminder just the same, chairs should do that.

4. Make them recline. I mean I-want-to-take-a-15-minute-nap flat.

5. Mood chairs. Ever walk into someone’s cube, with some simple, easy question and the person turns on you like one of Michael Vick’s pitbulls? A chair that turned colors depending on the mood of the sittee would save a lot of hurt feelings. Tell me I’m wrong.


I agree with each and every one.  Somebody, please, take these suggestions to the assembly line and whip up a real office chair for the office workers of the world!!  (In case the pictured chair is your idea of the ideal office chair, you can get more information about the WorkBay chair at, which makes this jewel and many other pieces for work and home, not all of which are this “unusual.”)

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