The [Many] Roles of Online Social Networks in the Workplace

Online social networks (OSNs), such as Facebook and MySpace, have found their way into the workplace.  Employees’ use of OSNs and the impact of that use on workplace productivity are topics all to themselves.  OSNs are also being used by employers, though, as well.  In fact, Facebook and similar sites are becoming increasingly common tools in employers’ arsenals.  Employers have found a number of ways to use technology to their advantage.facebook logo

The various ways that employers are putting these tools to use span across the entire employment relationship, from pre-employment (recruiting), to potential employment (screening), and then all the way through the employment relationship (monitoring).  

I’m a guest blogger this week at LexisNexis’ Workers’ Compensation Law Center.  In today’s post, I discuss the many ways that employers are putting Facebook, LinkedIn, and other, similar sites, to work in the workplace.  (See How Employers Are Putting Online Social Networking Sites to Work.)  Be sure to check out the post to learn about the variety of ways employers have utilized the very same type of technology that is considered one of the biggest drains on employee productivity. 


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