Proper Citation Format for . . . Restroom-Wall Graffiti?

Good writing and, in particular, good legal writing is not an easy endeavor.  To most legal writers, proper citation format is Public Enemy #1.  I started out my career with absolutely no idea of how to create a proper legal citation.  In fact, in my first year of law school, every writing assignment that I submitted was returned with a note, “Please see the TA.”  Ouch!Legal_Citation

With the help of legal-writing guru, John Paschetto, I did manage to conquer the citation monster.  Today, I even teach a class on Bluebooking skills at our firm.  Go figure!  But there will always be occasions when I just don’t know how a specific source should be cited. 

For example, how do you properly cite rest-stop restroom graffiti?  Or what about the future as predicted by a magic 8-ball?  I can’t say I’ve ever actually had the need to cite to any of these “alternative sources” but, just in case someday I do, I’ll have the proper resource at hand.   And so can you, just visit the website of the PostModern Language Association to learn about its latest rulings on alternative source citations

[Hat tip to The (New) Legal Writer, who tips to Southern Appeal.]

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