More Good Advice on Best Practices for Use of Social Networks for Employers

Employers’s many uses of online social networking sites, such as Facebook, in recruiting, hiring, and monitoring, has been my theme this week.  I’ve said a lot on the issue so I’ll turn it over to someone else for the final thoughts of the week. facebook_logo

Jonathon Bick, of the New Jersey Law Journal, has a piece on’s Legal Technology News offering some excellent advice for employers who may be considering using social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace, in their hiring practices.  Specifically, he suggests the following three tips:

  • First, attempt to ensure the firm’s personnel who research potential employee’s background comply with the appropriate third-party terms of use agreements while data mining blogs.


  • Second, update the firm’s employee handbook to detail what data mined from blogs may be used, and what data mined from blogs may not be used.


  • Third, update disclosures and background search permission acknowledgements used by potential employees and existing employees to appropriately cover blog review.


I raised each of these points in my podcast posted earlier in the week, Social Networking Sites As Employment Tools.

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