A(nother) Change of Heart from Facebook’s Privacy Department

[Update to Change to Facebook’s Privacy Policy Under Attack]  Here’s the quick background of this post, if you don’t know already: 

Facebook has privacy policy warning users that their content is “owned” by Facebook until they terminate their membership or permanently remove the content.  Facebook changes policy by adding one sentence, which states that, even after the termination of one’s membership, Facebook retains ownership of that member’s content–forever.  Facebook users are outraged and there is a public outcry about concerns for privacy rights. Facebook announces that the policy is legitimate and here to stay. image

That gets you caught up through this morning.  But there’s more to the story.  This morning, on CNN’s American Morning, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer, Chris Kelly, spoke about the outcry from users following the change in the policy’s language.  And, it turns out, Facebook has been persuaded by the public voice.   In a total about face, (sorry but the pun is intended), Facebook has decided to again change its policy, this time to satisfy the concerned public. 

One of the most insightful points made by Kelly came as a reminder about just how private your content is not, once posted online.  From the transcript of today’s show:

Well, we think it’s incredibly important for people to realize the power that they can have in terms of choosing to put up information or not, and then also to whom they show that information.

The video can be viewed in whole at the CNN website: Facebook’s About-Face

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