Workplace Dress Code Is Cut Short. Really, really short.

Workplace attire is a favorite topic of mine.  When the New York Times announced that the “man-short” suit was going to sweep corporate offices across the country, I had my doubts.  Recently, the Wall Street Journal asked whether unshaven faces would be the next big thing as men laid off from their fast-track jobs rebelled against the system by, well, by dressing like men without jobs.  

For those who find this type of fashion-of-the-absurd-style commentary as entertaining as I do, I’m glad to bring another soon-to-be fashion classic to your attention.  Corporette, a fairly recent and worthy edition to the blogosphere, spotted this first.*  51M


This Bebe twill suit is available as separates–a jacket with piping and pleats, a bustier vest in the same style, wide-leg (and super-long) pants, and a reasonably conservative skirt.  But what really takes the day is not the slightly off-beat twill suit.  There’s a third option.  If neither the pants nor the skirt does it for you, try the super-short shorts.  How short is short, you ask?  Try a 2.25 inch inseam.  Wowser. 


*In case you don’t already have Corporette in your feed reader, now’s the time to add it.  The blog is described as a “fashion and lifestyle blog for women lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants, and otherwise overachieving chicks who work in conservative offices and need to look professional, but want to be fashionable.”  Great stuff.

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