Layoffs Can Lead to Abusive Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employers are conscientious about safety and injury-prevention, regardless of the economic climate.  But when the economy is difficult, employers should keep an especially cautious eye out for fraudulent workers’ comp claims.  There are three methods to prevent abusive workers’ comp claims that every employer can utilize, regardless of size or industry. shutterstock_17077399

To read more about how to best prevent laid off employees from bringing baseless comp claims, have a look at my guest post at the Workers’ Comp Kit Blog


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  1. Verifying compensation is an important part of the hiring process, both when qualifying candidates and preparing an offer. Asking for W-2 information is legal, although it sometimes makes candidates uncomfortable. Inform the candidate that you need the information to ensure the most competitive offer, thus avoiding frustrating salary negotiations. Another option is to speak with former employers. HR personnel are often able to release salary information, or provide a general range for the position they held.

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