Would the Economy Be Different If More Women Served on Boards?

Women who serve on a board of directors do so differently than their male counterparts.  According to two Harvard scholars, there are significant differences between boards with and without female officers. Some of the differences include:

  1. Women are less likely to have attendance problems than men. unbranded-male-female-signs
  2. The more women on the board, the better behaved are the male directors. 
  3. Women are more likely to sit on monitoring-related committees than male directors. In particular, women are more likely to be assigned to audit, nominating, and corporate governance committees.
  4. Men are more likely than women to serve on compensation committees.
  5. Boards with gender diversity are more likely to hold CEOs accountable for poor stock price performance.

If these conclusions are accurate, would our country’s economy be in a better state if only there had been more female directors?  Would women have held corporations more accountable for their conduct?

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