Record Number of Employees Allege Discrimination in 2008

Employees filed more charges of discrimination this year than in any other year. The EEOC processed 95,402 charges in 2008—15.2% more discrimination claims than in 2007. In light of these trying economic times, the layoffs and reductions in force that inevitably follow, it seems very possible that 2009 will be the first year to see more than one million charges of discrimination.  Some additional “highlights” from the annual report:

  • The EEOC secured more than $274.4 million on behalf of claimants–down from the $290.6 million in 2007. 
  • 18,304 claimants obtained monetary and nonmonetary benefits through the charge process.
  • At the end of 2007, the EEOC had just less than 55,000 pending charges, increasing to approximately 74,000 pending charges at the end of 2008. 

An abbreviated version of the EEOC’s report is available on the Commission’s website.

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