Want to Annoy Coworkers? Just Use One of the 10 Most Irritating Phrases

The office rumor-mill and water-cooler talk are two of the most annoying workplace behaviors.  But they can be difficult temptations to avoid–especially if you want to drive your coworkers crazy.  (Which, admit it, you do from time to time).  Don’t lower your standards ever again!  Stand proud and refrain from perpetuating the gossip chain.  Thanks to some  clever researches at Oxford, there is, at last, an alternative.  Annoying Coworkers

Oxford scholars have released the top 10 most irritating phrases.  The phrases were at the top of the list after the researchers aggregated overused phrases in books, magazines, broadcast, online media and other sources. 

So, the next time you’re at that meeting that just will not end and you’re feeling a little feisty, throw out as many of the top 10 most irritating phrases as you can possibly stomach.  Maybe the individual conducting the meeting will be moved to adjourn by sheer annoyance at having to listen to you even one minute longer.  Here they are, write them down and save them for a rainy day:

1 – At the end of the day
2 – Fairly unique
3 – I personally
4 – At this moment in time
5 – With all due respect
6 – Absolutely
7 – It’s a nightmare
8 – Shouldn’t of
9 – 24/7
10 – It’s not rocket science

[H/T to Roy Jacobsen at Writing, Clear and Simple, and his catch of the original article at Wired.com]

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