People, don’t you understand: More Teacher Social Networking Woes

Employee foibles on social networking websites are back in the news.  According to the Raleigh News & Observer, a teacher in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools may be fired because of derogatory comments about students that the teacher posted on her Facebook page.


The comments included referring to “teachin’ chitlins in the ghetto of Charlotte.”  The teacher went on to note in the “About Me” section of her Facebook profile that she is “teaching in the most ghetto school in Charlotte.”  She also listed drinking as one of her hobbies.  Apparently, other Charlotte-Mecklenburg teachers also have objectionable Facebook pages as the news story reports that several other teachers from the same district have been also reprimanded for Facebook comments that show, in the district’s view “poor judgment and bad taste.”   facebook_large_thumb

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