Worthy Workplace Reads

In my current mission to call some well-deserved attention to fellow bloggers who consistently generate posts about the workplace.  Here are a few worthy reads.

Effortless HR Blog takes an in-depth look at one of the most challenging types of compensation structures–commission-based employees.  And then takes it to an even deeper level by discussing what many employers seem not to understand–that Commissions Should Produce Sales.

Alison Green, from the Ask a Manager blog, readily agrees that she likes working with recent graduates.  And, because of her general affection for the generation that is destined to revolutionize the workplace as we know it, she helps them avoid the 7 Mistakes that Recent Grads Made at Work in her post at U.S. News.

And, in case you missed the opportunity to wish your boss Happy Boss’s Day today, there are a few worthwhile comments to soothe your woes. Start your journey at the Blogging Boss blog, where there are some tips for What to Say on Boss’s Day.  Management Craft Blog has a very clever post on Poems for Boss’s Day–for the sensitive employees in the group.  Finally, be sure to check out the well-timed Carnival of HR at Totally Consumed for a great mashup of HR and leadership blog posts.

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