EEOC Sues over Dreadlocks, Claiming Religious Discrimination

Work rules for dress code are not out of fashion just because the season has changed.  Instead, the topic of “What Not to Wear to Work” is as trendy as ever.  So, for those of you charged with the task of enforcing dress codes and monitoring hem lines, here’s a bit of reassurance that you are not alone.   

Four security guards at NYC’s Grand Central Station were disciplined when their “sloppy-looking” dreadlocks did not fit under the uniform-standard caps.  imageThree of the four were suspended for their refusal to comply with their employer’s demand that they come to work “with their hair properly cut.”  The fourth shaved his beard after being told that failure to do so would result in his termination. 

The EEOC filed suit on behalf of the public safety officers against the Grand Central Partnership alleging religious discrimination–the employees are Rastafarians.  The matter appears to have been resolved, though.  The partnership recently agreed to provide custom-made hats to each of the officers so they could tuck in their dreadlocks.


2 responses to “EEOC Sues over Dreadlocks, Claiming Religious Discrimination”

  1. Carmen Pollard says:

    I work in oakland California as an Security. I also have dreadlocks and was recently asked to cut my hair. i told them I would not. i then was told if I dont comply by May, 15, of 2009 then I will be suspended.

  2. Anonymous says:

    dreadlocks take years and years to form. you obviously hired these employees when they had them, so what’s the problem now? they and their familes become dependant on a job and then you threaten to fire or suspend them for something they HAD WHEN THEY WERE HIRED? forget the religious aspect, if they are doing their jobs correctly leave them be. this is ridiculous. waste of time.

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