Dear Governor Palin, Will You Support Working Moms? Check Yes or No

With the ever-increasing interest in alternative work schedules, Americans are curious how the candidates in this year’s election feel about work-life issues, particularly our first woman (and mother)  Vice Presidential nominee. is an advocacy organization lobbying for the need of a more family-friendly America. They have drafted the following letter they encourage you to sign and submit to Governor Palin. The letter reads as follows:

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It was dazzling to see a mom on the stage at the Republican convention accepting  the Vice Presidential nomination.  There are too few mothers in the boardrooms and high levels of political office.  As members of we celebrate your path from PTA to Vice Presidential candidate, but we didn’t hear much in your speech about what you and your party will do for mothers and families. 

Due to the economic downturn, mothers and families are struggling more than before.  A quarter of families with children under age six are living in poverty, and having a baby is a leading cause of a “poverty spell” in our nation–a time when income dips below what’s needed for food and rent.  Women get a huge wage hit when they have children: mothers make only 73 cents to a man’s dollar, and single moms make only about 60cents.  Countries with family-friendly policies and programs in place–like paid family leave and affordable childcare–have smaller wage gaps for mothers, healthier children, and spend less funds later on the criminal justice system, grade repetitions, healthcare, and much more.

Our nation can’t afford to ignore the issues of mothers and families any longer.  We want to know where you stand on the issues which are critical to mothers like healthcare, fair pay, paid family and medical leave, afterschool programs, childcare/early learning, paid sick days, and flexible work options.
With now three-quarters of American mothers in the labor force, but a societal structure which hasn’t caught up to that modern reality, we, as a nation, are at a crisis point for our families.  Bottom Line: Mothers want to ensure the well-being of their families.  No mother should have to choose between taking care of a sick child and feeding her child. And no mother should have to choose between taking her child to the doctor and paying rent.

Governor Palin, if elected Vice President of the United States, how will you support mothers and families? Mothers across the nation look forward to hearing where you stand on our issues.

To submit this letter, visit , and simply sign your name electronically to the letter, which will then be submitted by the organization to Palin.

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