Talk About Attention to Detail!

Every supervisor and manager in professional services dreams of having a team full of members, each of whom are absolutely obsessed with details.  Never again would a document go out with a proofreading error.  No misspelling or grammatical mistake would go unnoticed.  Of course, this is not the world that I know.  And many of you, I suspect, live in the same world. 

Apparently, though, some of our co-inhabitants do not want to accept this forgiving standard.  According to the New York Times, “two self-styled vigilantes against typos” toured the country last year, vowing to even the score–in favor of the proofread document.  The purpose of their tour (or mission) was to correct errors on government and private signs.  The tour came to an end when they were arrested for correcting an erroneous apostrophe and adding a comma to a vintage sign in Grand Canyon National Park.   The duo, whom the Chicago Tribune called “a pair of Kerouacs armed with Sharpies and erasers and righteous indignation” pleaded guilty and were sentenced to one year probation.

Well, until this daring duo is free from the restrictions of probation, it looks like we’ll have to continue to suffer the horror of imperfection.




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