Strip Clubs: One Social Event Not to Include In a Summer Intern Program

Employer’s Nightmare.  A true story about the real dangers of summer internship programs–the social events.  First featured first by Jeremy Hodges at

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Act I: The Woes of Employer

Employer hires summer interns.
Employer pays summer interns a lot of money.
Employer requires very little work from summer interns.
Employer ensures summer interns are wined and dined.
Employer hopes summer interns will return for full-time work.

Act II: A Night On the Town

Employees organize a Friday-night gathering. Employer may or may not have sponsored said gathering. Gathering ends up in a strip club. In strip club, one male employee gets too close to summer intern. Summer intern, disgusted, rebukes employee’s advance.

Act III:  Back at the Office

Intern reports employee’s conduct. Employee’s conduct is investigated by Employer. Employee leaves Employer. Intern accepts position with different Employer.

Tragic Ending

Employer is faced with lose-lose scenario.

Moral of the Story 

Don’t let the kids out without a chaperone and make sure you know which employees are still kids.

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