Employment Law Question of the Week

Ask any attorney who is lucky enough to practice labor or employment law and they’ll likely agree that this area of the law can be downright entertaining.  Think about it–sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll–these are all key elements of the cases we see.  And we’ve seen it all and, usually, more than once.  Gossip, drama, rumors, and romance are all par for the course.  I can say with honesty that there is very little that truly surprises me.  But here is one exception.

The magic of Google permits me to run a report that shows the “keywords” that visitors to the Delaware Employment Law Blog typed in as a search term and brought them to the site.  It’s a good way to make sure the blog is in line with the readers’ interests.  Often the searches are phrased as questions, such as, “What to do about bullies in the workplace?” or “What is the law in Delaware for vacation payout?”  As you can see from Number 13 in the screenshot below, some of the questions are funnier than the normal.  This straightforward reader inquires,


The question, “How to terminate an employee for being dumb” definitely gets my vote for employment-law question of the week.

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