15 Things that Jerks at Work Usually Do

Jerks at Work.  Nobody likes them.  Everybody knows them.  Jerks at Work are easy to identify–you know one when you see one.  But for managers who want to eradicate the problem of workplace bullying, it may be difficult to identify just what it is that indicates the employee is a legitimate jerk and not just someone having a really bad day.  jerks at work logo

To help those who want to make a difference and eliminate the Jerks at Work, here is a list of 15 common behaviors and offenses that indicate that there is a real problem.  

1.  Takes credit for the achievements of others.

2.  Repeats information learned in confidence.

3.  Talks about others in terms of stereotypes.

4.  Tells jokes that make others look stupid or unequal.

5.  Is adverse to any perceived change.

6.  Interrupts others while talking.

7.  Micromanages subordinates.

8.  Fails to keep commitments.

9.  Never volunteers to help coworkers.

10.  Gossips indiscriminately.

11.  Constantly seeks approval from others.

12.  Defensive in response to feedback.

13.  Inflexible with requests by others.

14.  Cannot be found when needed.

15. Places blame when unwarranted.

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