Bitter Employees Who Blog About Work

Ah, the poetic insolence of the bitter employee.  We all know the song by heart.  Sarcastic and   , they lie in wait for their next prey.  All employees are potential targets.  No one is immune from being swallowed whole, the sole of a well-polished Johnston & Murphy shoe the last image of what was once a pleasant co-worker.  Gulp.   Bitter employee will eat you alive

It could be the always-chipper Janet from Food Service–what’s she got to be so happy about, anyway?  Or maybe Chad the Summer Intern, in his daily uniform of light-colored khaki pants, light blue, long-sleeved shirt, cuffs rolled, of course, and one of the four ties he’s currently got in rotation.  Chad is powerless, really, and too concerned with making a stellar impression to sound like a whiner if he were to complain about the snide, jabbing comments of the bitter employee.  You know who they are. 

And so do they.  Just ask The Angry Receptionist.  She’s working very hard–though not at her job duties.  Instead, she has blogged her way to the top of the disengaged-employee list by branding herself as the champion of bitter employees everywhere.  In her words:

I’m a receptionist at a mid-sized corporate office. When I first started here, I was very nice. It took about a week for everyone to try to take advantage of my good will in every awful way possible.
I’m not nice anymore.

And she’s good at what she does.  Her blog has attracted lots of attention in the blogosphere. She is fully committed to her efforts, too.  In fact, she has all of the qualities of a potentially outstanding employee.  Except that she holds her cards too long.  If the workplace is as dreadful as she describes, why is she there?  You’ve gotta’ know when to fold ’em, you know? 


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