Workplace Etiquette: How to Send a "Helpful Message" Anonymously

The woes of the workplace. Gossiping coworkers. Working next to the loudest talker in the office.  The smells of popcorn wafting through the office mid-afternoon the sicken everyone but the popcorn-popper himself. And don’t forget fridge raiders–the worst of the worst office etiquette violations lurking around the kitchen waiting to pounce on the first brown bag she can find.  It’s hell out there.  nicecritic

Maybe the worst part of the many slights we must endure from day to day, really, is the inability to fix it.  Many workers do not feel comfortable with the idea of confronting a coworker who, for example, has less-than-pleasant breath or who seems to have a never-ending parade of noisy “visitors” from other departments stopping in to “say hi.” 

Web Worker Daily points out that is here to help.  The free internet service touts itself as “the anonymous way to send a helpful message.”  These “helpful messages” include, for example:

It looks like it could be time for a haircut.

A breath mint may be beneficial today.

You seem to have over-applied your makeup today.

You just pick a category, then a specific thought, and will send the helpful message to your coworker anonymously. 

Maybe this should be called, “Passive Aggressive Anonymous.”  It’s a sad reflection on the state of the workplace and modern-day social skills (or lack thereof) when we have to resort to sending anonymous online messages.  Where are the days that open hostility would have been the obvious resort?  Ah, the modern workplace–a battlefield, indeed.

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