October 16-17: 2008 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium

FMLA and pregnancy discrimination are two difficult employment laws that employers face regularly. Employers wanting to gain insight into both types of leave can do just that on October 16 & 17th in Nashville, Tennessee at the 13th Annual Advanced Employment Issues Symposium. Adria Martinelli will be presenting “When FMLA and Pregnancy Leave Collide: How to Avoid Costly Discrimination Claims.” The seminar will address the rising number of pregnancy discrimination claims in the workplace (see prior blog post “Job Qualification of the Week: Suck in Your [Pregnant] Belly”), and what employers can do to prevent becoming a statistic.

Attendees will be introduced to the comprehensive subject of employee rights under FMLA and how to create an effective and legally compliant accommodation policy for pregnant employees. Key 1184335059_0505FMLA and pregnancy discrimination topics that will be covered include:

  • How to calculate entitlements to pregnancy and family leave
  • When does pregnancy qualify as a “serious health condition” under FMLA?
  • Whether fertility treatments are covered under FMLA leave
  • How to terminate employee after returning from maternity leave without violating FMLA
  • Whether or not you have to give a pregnant employee “light duty” if she requests it.

The Symposium will be held October 16-17, at the at the Hilton Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee.  Online registration is open and the complete agenda is now available.  The cost is $849 per person; only $799 for past attendants.  The cost of registration also includes comprehensive materials that you can use as a desktop reference. Register online now in order to take part in this relevant and important session.

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