Workers’ Compensation Claims – A result of bad luck or bad leadership?

Good leaders are difficult to come by.  Good leadership in government, some might say, is even more difficult to find.  I’d guess that some of the citizens of the Illinois town of Cahokia might just feel that way right about now. 

black cat

Cahokia Mayor, Frank Bergman, filed a workers’ compensation claim after taking a fall down the stairs while fulfilling his duties as a civil servant. This claim has resulted in payment to Mayor Bergman for more than $20,000. 

And what’s wrong with that, you ask?  Certainly, there is nothing un-leader-like about utilizing a government service for its intended purpose. 

But, the trouble here is, Mayor Bergman appears to be an unusually clumsy government official. This was his fourth workers’ comp claim since he began working for the small town. In all, the Mayor has collected no less than $145,000 in workers’ comp payouts since he came to work for local government in 1986.  The Mayor’s annual salary is $40,000. 

Well, maybe the Mayor can try to avoid walking under ladders and crossing paths with black cats in the future.  Surely, bad luck must be to blame for his ongoing series of unfortunate accidents. 

Source: Chicago Tribune:  Small-town mayor gets $20,000 for his 4th workers’ compensation claim

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