Free e-Book on Employee Engagement (Delaware Managers, this means you!)

Human Resource specialist, management professionals, and leadership consultants and coaches make up the nearly 300 members of the Employee Engagement Network. The network was started in January 2008 by David Zinger, the author of the popular leadership blog, Slacker Manager. 

If you are interested in management and leadership topics, the art of employee retention, or general principles of productivity, there is a good chance that you’ll find something worth a read at the EEN website. And now, thanks to Zinger and 11 co-authors, there is another reason to visit.  Zinger et al. have published an e-book containing 300 ideas for employee engagement. It’s been so popular that it was featured on the front pages of the New York Times and BNet’s web-based newsletter. It’s a rare treat to find a learning tool with such practical, real-world advice.  But it gets even better–the book is free! Oh, the wondrous world wide web.

Visit the Slacker Manager blog to download the Employee Engagement in pdf and, while you’re there, thank David for yet another great contribution.

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